Manchester United – Barcelona. Friendly Match

Full match. Comments in English

First Half

Second half

Extra time

   So we decide to recover our site a bit and diversify it. Russian is bored everyone, right? So if even commentators speak English we must to take the relay race. Joke, sorry.
    So it was truly English match. Because of this Spanish upstarts which beats hard the most ambitious English football club. Manchester needs to revenge this time in front of their fans.
    MU turned on the best it can from the very first minutes. They tried to copy Barcelona`s manner of controlling the ball, in planning the strategious attacks, wide positional play and trying to be as tense as it possible without any white spots in any line. But very quickly everybody understand that these are qiute different teams. MU`s biggest advantage is to play fast counter-attacks and standart positions. Barcelona tried to stretch English defence by long-timing positional attacks and provoking them by controlling the ball and situation. But it was no profit to Spanish club from this effort, Manchester`s defenders and half-backs played brilliant and very solid and even rigidly from time to time. Barca tried to press through MU but it was unsuccesful. Anyway it was plain to see that nobody will risk and die on the pitch to make a result. Nobody wanted to take an extra-effort and that was very justified.
    We`ve got a nice qualitative match. But not more of it. Anyhow I`m strongly recommending everyone to look this match. And Barca proved that it still a big team even without Iniesta and Messi on the field.